Tracey House Retirement Home - Quality of Life and Comfort for the Elderly

Featured Rooms

Room 1

Size: 14.4m2 (en-suite 1.8m2)

room 1

Room 3

Size: 23.4m2 (en-suite 2.2m2)

room 3

Room 4

Size: 11.8m2 (en-suite 2.2m2)

room 4

Room 6

Size: 14.2m2 (en-suite 2.6m2)

room 6

Room 11

Size: 11.3m2 (en-suite 2.3m2)

room 11

Room 15

Size: 11.2m2 (en-suite 2.5m2)

room 15

Room 20

Size: 22.6m2 (en-suite 3.3m2)

room 23

Room 22

Size: 17.2m2 (en-suite 5.0m2)

room B2

Room 23

Size: 21.3m2 (en-suite 35.2m2)

room B3

All our Rooms at Tracey House

Room Size En-suite Room Size En-suite
1 14.4m2 1.8m2 14 11.4m2 2.2m2
2 25.9m2 2.3m2 15 11.2m2 2.5m2
3 23.4m2 2.2m2 16 14.0m2 -
4 11.8m2 2.2m2 17 13.4m2 0.8m2
5 12.0m2 2.3m2 18 13.0m2 3.0m2
6 14.2m2 2.6m2 19 21.8m2 5.2m2
7 10.1m2 - 20 22.6m2 3.3m2
8 13.6m2 2.4m2 21 13.9m2 3.3m2
9 10.8m2 2.9m2 22 17.2m2 5.0m2
10 11.5m2 2.5m2 23 21.3m2 3.5m2
11 11.3m2 2.3m2 Bungalow (dining room) 13.4m2 -
12 11.2m2 2.3m2 Bungalow (Bedroom) 14.6m2 6.5m2


The following services are available at Tracey House:

  • Hairdresser visits weekly providing perms, shampoo set and blow dry
  • Chiropodist - 2 different practitioners visit the home every 5-6 weeks
  • Opticians - Bills Optician visit annually or more frequently on request and offer a free testing service
  • Mobile library - individually selected reading material is delivered and changed every fortnight
  • Hand massages and manicures are carried out weekly


Tracey House provides 21 single and two double room either at ground (8) or first (15) floor level. Except for 3 rooms upstairs accommodation can be reached by passenger lift.

A stair lift on the main staircase provides an alternative and emergency backup. Nineteen rooms have full en-suite facilities (shower, toilet and wash-basin) whereas two have their own bathrooms and two share one bathroom, which includes an integral bath seat hoist.

Seven of the ground floor rooms have direct patio access to the gardens, which can be viewed from a sitting position. Indeed the viewing capabilities extend to all our accommodation by virtue of low windows. Furthermore the gardens outside these rooms can be used for individual planting and recreation. Four rooms also have their own private sun lounges.

Relaxing at Tracey House

All our rooms at Tracey House have either radiators or storage heaters which can be individually adjusted and also have television, telephone and call bell facilities. High quality carpets, curtains and a subtle blend of shades add to the comfort and security.

Prior to letting a room it is always our policy to review the condition of décor and soft furnishings to ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained. It is our policy to encourage Residents to bring their own furniture, pictures and personal belongings. Other items are provided as requested.


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